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Blood Sugar Meter

Test time sample volume:5 seconds up to 0.1 ul
Battery one:3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery life:About 1000 tests

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Description of Blood Sugar Meter

A blood sugar meter is a device for measuring glucose levels in blood, that is used by diabetics to test their blood sugar levels at home. It is also known as a glucose meter. It is especially helpful for people with Type I diabetes in managing their condition.

Originally, glucose levels were tested in urine, but there are several drawbacks to this procedure. In particular, it does not allow the testing of low levels of glucose. Home-use blood sugar meters were developed that use a fingerprick droplet of blood. The skin is pierced with a lancet, and the drop of blood is put on a chemical-coated test strip that has been inserted into the blood sugar meter. The chemicals react with glucose, and the meter displays the glucose reading as a number in millimoles per liter (mmol/l), or milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl).


Quick test results are completed in 5 seconds or less

The release of the ejector from the hygienic test strip means that the contaminated test strip is no longer used.

Auto-shutdown means our equipment can work longer hours without worrying about wasting battery life.

Technical characteristics

1. The principle of oscillating oscilloscope, charging and discharging gas quickly, and the noise is extremely low.

2. Reverse inflation logic feedback, the maximum inflation pressure of the cuff is only less than 5mmHg than the measured person's own systolic pressure, maximizing the patient's comfort.

3. The test can be temporarily interrupted and re-wearing to continue testing blood pressure.

4. Unique day and night button, special practice button to accurately record day and night boundary incidents.

5. Simple and convenient operation, friendly user interface, can be directly connected to the computer and printer.

Item BG-102
Range of Glucose Measurement Sample Type Calibration against 40-600mg/dl(2.2-33.3mm0l/L) Capillary whole blood plasma-equivalent
Test time sample volume 5 seconds up to 0.1 ul
Battery one 3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery life About 1000 tests
Unit of measure memory mmol/L or mg/dl switchable 360 results with date and time
Lcd size 28*26mm(L*W*H)
Dimension weight 88*55*16MM(L*W*H) 48.8g
Operating environment 10c-40c(41F-113F);10%-80%RH(non-condensing)
Hematocrit automatic power off 30%-50% Approx 5 minutes after last user action
Mini order payment 200pcs T/T,L/C,Western Union, PayPal

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