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Glucose Test Meter

Glucose Test Meter

Test time sample volume:5 seconds up to 0.1 ul
Battery one:3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery life:About 1000 tests

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Product Details

Product Description:

Glucose test meter and test strips for diabetics adopt advanced technology which based on bio-sensor principle and siphon principle. Using whole blood to perform a test of blood glucose, and its test strips adopt power analysis to oxidize and decompose blood to support a more accurate measurement for diabetics.

Features of Glucose Test Meter:

* On each test strip there is a test area containing reaction chemicals. When blood is applied to this area, a chemical reaction takes place, then a transient electrical current is formed.

* The blood glucose concentration is calculated based on the electrical current detected by the meter, then the result is showed on the display. 

* You can not use it under the following situations: your blood glucose is low; your AST results do not match way you feel; you are testing for hyperglycemia; your routine glucose results are often fluctuating; you are in pregnancy.

* Featured by 5 second testing; small blood sample size (0.6 microliters); alternate site testing - forearm or palm; 7 day high/low test results display; automatically compensates for interference for reliable results

and supports diabetes management software.

* For greater comfort, it offers you the option to test with blood from your palms, forearms, upper-arms, thighs and calves, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.

* In addition, the blood it required is smaller than most meters available today. This allows you to use extra fine gauge lancets and significantly reduce your pain and discomfort.

* After using it , it help you better understand the relationship between your blood glucose levels and the exercise you do, the food you eat and other lifestyle influences such as travel, stress and illness.

* Blood Glucose test meter is very easy to use. For those people who do not wish to have excessive options and buttons and want an easy to handle meter this may be the one for you.

Specification of Glucose Test Meter

Range of Glucose Measurement Sample Type Calibration against40-600mg/dl(2.2-33.3mm0l/L) Capillary whole blood plasma-equivalent
Test time sample volume5 seconds up to 0.1 ul
Batteryone 3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery lifeAbout 1000 tests
Unit of measure memorymmol/L or mg/dl switchable 360 results with date and time
Dimension weight88*55*16MM(L*W*H) 48.8g
Operating environment10c-40c(41F-113F);10%-80%RH(non-condensing)

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