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Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

Test time sample volume: 5 seconds up to 0.1 ul
Battery one: 3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery life: About 1000 tests

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Description of Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

The blood glucose meter electrochemical method uses the principle of detecting the current signal generated during the reaction to reflect the blood sugar level. The electrons generated by the reaction between the enzyme and the glucose pass through the current counting device, read the quantity of the electron, and then convert it into a glucose concentration reading.

Advantages of Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

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1pc blood glucose meter machine

1pc instruction manual

1pc carrybox

10pcs test strips

10pcs lancet pin

1pc lancet device

1pc giftbox Package

30pcs/ctn Measurement

Parameter of Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor:

Range of Glucose Measurement Sample Type Calibration against40-600mg/dl(2.2-33.3mm0l/L) Capillary whole blood plasma-equivalent
Test time sample volume5 seconds up to 0.1 ul
Batteryone 3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
Battery lifeAbout 1000 tests
Unit of measure memorymmol/L or mg/dl switchable 360 results with date and time
Lcd size28*26mm(L*W*H)
Dimension weight88*55*16MM(L*W*H) 48.8g
Operating environment10c-40c(41F-113F);10%-80%RH(non-condensing)
Hematocrit automatic power off30%-50% Approx 5 minutes after last user action
Mini order payment200pcs T/T,L/C,Western Union, PayPal

Blood glucose detector self-test precautions

1. The blood glucose tester should be regularly checked and approved at the hospital or after-sales service point. Especially when the blood glucose monitoring result is obviously inconsistent with the patient's clinical symptoms or glycated hemoglobin, it is recommended to take venous blood to measure blood sugar.

2, when hypoglycemia often occurs in the near future, it is best to monitor pre-prandial blood glucose and nocturnal blood glucose; and when the recent blood sugar is often high, you should monitor the fasting and 2 hours postprandial blood glucose, which can more accurately reflect the rise in blood sugar. degree.

3. It is better to measure blood glucose at different times of the day than at the same time every day. Because the former is more likely to reflect the changes in blood glucose during the 24 hours a day, and if blood glucose is measured at the same time every day, then it is not known how the blood sugar levels are controlled at other times of the day.


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