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Blood Pressure Machine

Name: Blood pressure machine
Item: BP-208 B
Response Time: Less than1 minute
Memory: 99 memory in 2 groups
Pressure Range: 20 to 300 mmHg(2.7 to 40 KPa )
Pulse Range: 30 to 180 beats/minute

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Product Details

Product Description:

Blood pressure machine delivers the simplicity and accuracy you need with its clear display and one-button operation. Customers can buy this machine from us at a cheap price. Monitor your blood pressure and pulse rate at home with this fast and easy to use blood pressure machine. This home blood pressure machine is designed with a cuff for standard and large arms, perfect for your body.

Blood pressure machine is easy to use and its fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor provides you with comfortable, fast and accurate blood pressure monitoring. In addition, the blood pressure machine has been clinically validated and has a high blood pressure indicator that will alert you if the reading is above the recommended 300 mmHg blood pressure. In addition, it has undergone a number of tests conducted by various doctors to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.


1. Used to measure the blood pressure of a patient.

2. Easy to install and accurate measurement.

3. Make sure that every reading is accurate.

4. Check your blood pressure and pulse rate from home.

5. Accurate readings every time.

Parameter of Blood Pressure Machine:


Blood pressure machine


BP-208 B


Black, white, etc

Response Time

Less than1 minute


99 memory in 2 groups

Pressure Range

20 to 300 mmHg(2.7 to 40 KPa )

Pulse Range

30 to 180 beats/minute

Pressure Accuracy

± 3mmHg (± 0.4KPa )

Pulse Accuracy

± 5%

Working voltage



Digital liquid crystal display

LCD Size

80*50mm (L*W)

Power source

4*AA battery or AC adapter

Battery life

About 2 month (test 3 times per day,30 days/per month)


120x100x60 mm(L x W x H)

Measurable arm circumference



Approx. 240 grams

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