Digital Bp Monitor

Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure exerted bycirculating blood upon the walls of blood vessels. When used without further specification, "bloodpressure" usually refers to the arterial pressure in thesystemic circulation. It is usually measured at aperson's upper arm. In humans,...

Product Details

  • Voice Assist in 5 languages

  • Fully automatic with PI System

  • Extra Large Display

  • The BP-808E automatic blood pressure monitor is one of a kind Voice Assisted blood pressure monitor.  It gives verbal instructions on how to use the machine and speaks readings when they are done.  

  • It can be shared by 2 users using 2 different memory groups (2 x 90 readings).  

  • It speaks in 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Russian)

  • Features 3 different volume levels and mute

  • Fully automatic with PI System

  • Extra Large Display

blood pressure monitor.jpg

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.jpg


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