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Basal Body Thermometer

Model: Woman Basal Body Thermometer
Item No.: HS-12A
Measurement range: 32C-42°C/90.0-107.6°F
Measurement time: 60±10 seconds in oral, 100±20 seconds under armpit, 40 seconds in rectal
Min. scale: 0.01

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Product Details

Product Description:

Combining precise accuracy and safety with ease of use, basal body thermometer is designed for fertility charts. Because consistency and accuracy are critical, it also provide useful charting features such as digital memory recalls and peak temperature indicators. The basal body thermometer is a high precision medical tool designed to capture your most accurate basal body temperature (BBT). 

Designed with a gentle digital probe that is waterproof and easy to clean, the basal body thermometer is an exquisite thermometer that tracks the exact temperature of the body. The basal body thermometer is a very sensitive thermometer designed to measure small changes in temperature and help women track minor temperature changes during ovulation. A trusted partner to track your ovulation patterns and increase your chances of conceiving in a natural way.


* Easy to read in the dark.

* Data logger thermometer.

* Suitable for adults and families.

* Quick test and hum when finished.

* Tracking has a higher accurate reading.

* Safe and comfortable waterproof design.

Parameter of Basal Body Thermometer:


Woman Basal Body Thermometer

Item No.


Measurement range



±0.05℃ 35.5℃-42.0℃  (±0.1 ℉ 95.9℉-107.6℉)
 ±0.2℃ under 35.5℃ or above 42.0℃(±0.4℉ under 95.9℉)

Measurement time

60±10 seconds in oral,100±20 seconds under armpit,40 seconds in rectal

Min. scale



Last reading memory


Mouth Armpit Rectal


Beeper function

Battery  Power

Auto shut-off


1.5V LR41 button battery

Battery life

More than 200 hours


133 x 19 x 10mm

LCD size


Net. Weight


Min order

1000 pcs


T/T,L/C,Western  Union,Paypal


1. Power SW: push switch to power or power off.

2. When power on:

A.The LCD display or about 2 sec. if non-memory function the "M" will not display.

B.If the temperature < 32.0℃(89.6℉),then display L℃(℉).

C.If the temperature > 44.0℃(111.2℉),then display H℃(℉).

D.When measuring, the LCD will always display the highest temperature.

E.The measured temperature does not change within the stable time, the measurement will beover and the ℃(℉)mark flash stop.

F. When measurement is over, if the temperature > 37.5℃(99.5℉)

The buzzer alarms "bi-bi-bi-------bi-bi-bi--------"for 4 sec, as follows:


0.125s 0.125s 0.125s 0.125s 0.125s   0.375s

If the temperature ≤37.5℃(99.5℉),the buzzer alarms

"Bi-bi-bi-bi-" for 4 sec, as follows:


0.5s   0.5s

G.It will auto power off when measurement is over than 10 minutes.

H.When measurement is over, if the temperature rises within 10 min, then re-measure thetemperature, but the ℃(℉)mark will not flash again. When re-measurement is over, thebuzzer will not alarm again.


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