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•model : HS-08 •LCD : Easy to read, Easy to use •Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C • Test For oral, underarm or rectal ,the following is the test details : Oral test thermometers digital should be the most familiar to you. You simply hold the thermometer in your mouth for a few seconds and you get a...

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•model : HS-08

•LCD : Easy to read, Easy to use 
•Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C 

Test For oral, underarm or rectal,the following is the test details :

Oral test thermometers digital should be the most familiar to you. You simply hold the thermometer in your mouth for a few seconds and you get a reading.While oral thermometers are suitable for older children they should be avoided for babies. It is next to impossible to get your baby to hold an oral thermometer in his mouth. Your little one is much more likely to suck on it or try to swallow the whole thing.Advantages is accurate,Cheap and effective for children that are old enough to follow instruction.

Rectal Thermometer,A rectal thermometer measures your baby’s temperature by being inserted into the anus. Yep, you flip your baby onto his stomach and plow the thermometer right up there ( Im kidding, be gentle!).A rectal thermometer is hands down the most accurate baby thermometer. This isn’t because of the thermometer itself but rather the location that you are taking the temperature. Yup, your baby’s rectal temperature is closest to your little ones core body temperature. Measuring this will give you the most accurate assessment of whether or not your baby has a fever.Rectal thermometers all look similar to one another. They consist of a probe, an on/off button and a digital screen built into the handle. The screen displays the temperature reading.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of rectal thermometers. I mean; how would you like it if someone shoved a thermometer up your pooper? Using a rectal thermometer is one way to shock your baby.If you absolutely must use a rectal thermometer, stick to one that has a wide base and flexible tip. This way you will be unable to insert the thermometer to far. Over-inserting a rectal thermometer can cause serious injury to your baby. And it goes without saying that you should wash you’re the rectal thermometer after each use.

Rectal thermometers are cheap but accurate. The problem with rectal thermometers is that they have a high rate of failure. If you talk to a mum who uses rectal thermometers to measure temperature then she will very likely tell you she has had one stop working on her.Advantages:Cheap.Accurate.Great for newborns.Disadvantages:Shock factor.commonly stop working.If accuracy is what you are after then a rectal thermometer is just what your baby needs, even if he might not look you in the eyes after.

Test the armpit thermometer, as the name suggests, you hold this thermometer under your baby’s arm. The thermometer makes contact with your baby’s skin and gives you a temperature reading.

As you can imagine; it can be very difficult to hold a thermometer under the arm of a baby who is sick and irritated. Armpit thermometers are generally only used when you are unable to take your baby’s temperature through any other means.

Armpit thermometers are one of the least accurate ways to measure your baby’s temperature. This is because the temperature read is external. The temperature under the arm can vary 2 degrees or more than an internal reading.

Because of the accuracy, many parents use an armpit thermometer for screening followed by a rectal thermometer. First the temperature is taken with the armpit and if it’s over 99°F a follow up temperature is taken with the rectal thermometer. By doing this parents do not have to make their baby suffer from having his pooper stuffed each and every time his temperature is checked.

Ignore the fancy “purpose made underarm thermometers” these are an expensive gimmick. You can hold just about any regular thermometer that you find in drug stores under your baby’s arm to get a reading.

It is important that your baby’s underarm is free from sweat as it can affect the temperature that the thermometer reads out.

Advantages:Cheap.Can be used for screening before taking temperature rectally.

Disadvantages:Not particularly accurate.Difficult to measure the temperature of a wiggling baby.Best use as a screening thermometer in addition any other thermometer.

•Very sensitive sensor device, quick 1 minute to obtain results. 

•Beeps alarm when the temperature measurement complete 

•Thermometer Memory function,Automatic shut-off 

•The thermometer digital Measuring range: 32.0-42.0 C

•Display temperature in degree Celsius (C),Fahrenheit (F) 

•Power by 1.55V button size battery (Batteries Included 1 piece) 

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