SOS Whistle

1.Three Tone Electronic Whistle Loud consistent sound every time Easier to give verbal commands without a whistle in the user's mouth Each set of AAA batteries produce more than 1000 blasts. Loud 105db whistle sound can be aimed in the exact directon intended and a 2.Loud consistent sound...

Product Details

The sos whistle - an alarm continues sounding while you maneuver for escape, and frees both your hands for defense. And as you run away, an attacker will likely NOT chase after a noisy target.

an alarm costs more and has a battery that needs replacing occasionally.

All things considered, an alarm is your best choice – especially if you also have Pepper Spray as a backup safety device.

The best alarms continue shrieking until deactivated by reinserting a pin in a hole. 

Always walk on the street or in parking lots prepared for action. On your keychain, keep pepper spray and an alarm quickly at-hand, ready for predators looking for easy prey.

(See Survival Options - Kidnapping for dealing with a predator with a gun.) In your car, with your keys now in the ignition, keep another unit of spray as a back-up within easy reach in your console.

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