Survival Whistle

1.Three Tone Electronic Whistle Loud consistent sound every time Easier to give verbal commands without a whistle in the user's mouth Each set of AAA batteries produce more than 1000 blasts. Loud 105db whistle sound can be aimed in the exact directon intended and a 2.Loud consistent sound...

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The Many Uses For Survival Whistles

To illustrate how useful emergency whistles can be, here’s a short list of ways a survival whistle can come in handy:

  • Directing a hunting dog.

  • Getting the attention of a large crowd.

  • Signaling drill squads.

  • Lost in the woods when things are scary, cold, and lonely.

  • Stranded on a lifeboat at sea and you see a large boat in the distance.

  • Injured in the wilderness, cannot escape without help but no one is with you.

  • You shot your friend while out hunting. You need to stay and tend to him while signaling for help.

  • While out rock climbing, you get stuck in a storm and are unable to get off the cliff wall.

  • You’re cornered in a dark alleyway by a bunch of creeps.

  • Someone pulls a knife on you and demands your wallet.

  • Your dog is lost.

  • You’re a child being kidnapped.

  • Directing traffic in an emergency.

  • Refereeing a sporting event.Three Tone Electronic Whistle (2).jpgThree Tone Electronic Whistle (1).jpg

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