Whistles Coach

1.Three Tone Electronic Whistle Loud consistent sound every time Easier to give verbal commands without a whistle in the user's mouth Each set of AAA batteries produce more than 1000 blasts. Loud 105db whistle sound can be aimed in the exact directon intended and a 2.Loud consistent sound...

Product Details

1.Alert for emergency situations where a threat to persons exists.
2.Multi-propose use suitable for: Referee, Coaches, Traveler, Adventurer, Tour Guides, Cheerleaders, Lifeguards, Teachers, Traffic Guides, Dog Trainer…
3.Good for all climates

4.Three different whistle tones selectable by user

5.Special design metal-tubing to reach 125dB +/-5dB loudness.
6.Improves hygene among several users without blowing the whistle
7.Suitable for all sporting events.

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