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Bimetal thermometer installation requires attention
- Jan 02, 2018 -

1, bimetallic thermometer should be installed in the straight pipe, the minimum diameter of its installation requirements are generally above DN80, expanding pipe length should not be less than 250mm.

2, installed at the bend of the pipe, the diameter should not be less than DN40, and the flow of the fluid into the countercurrent contact.

3, can also be installed vertically or tilted 45 ° installation, tilt 45 ° installation, should flow into the pipe into countercurrent contact.

4, the installation height should be 1.2 ~ 1.5m. Above 2.0m is best to have a straight ladder into a mobile platform. In order to facilitate maintenance, the minimum distance from the platform should not be less than 300mm.

5, for the branches of the process pipe, installation, pay special attention to the installation location and process, and try to avoid the valves, elbows and pipes and equipment near the corner of the cecum position.

6, bimetallic thermometer with protective sleeve has heat and heat loss, in order to reduce the measurement error, there should be enough depth of insertion:

(1) For thermometers that measure the temperature of the fluid in the center of a pipe, it is common practice to insert its measuring end into the center of the pipe (vertically or obliquely). If the measured fluid pipe diameter is 200 mm, then the insertion depth should be selected 100 mm;