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Dial Bimetal Thermometer Operational Notes Analysis
- Jan 02, 2018 -

The working principle of the bimetallic thermometer is based on a product made of a bimetallic strip wound in a ring-like shape. According to the installation direction, the bimetallic thermometer is mainly divided into a universal type, an axial type and a radial type. Dial diameter can be done Φ25mm, the largest can do Φ150mm, more commonly used in the country is Φ100mm; the measurement of temperature range of -40-600 degrees Celsius, the more commonly used is 0-150 ℃; accuracy class 1.5.

Dial thermometer to measure the existence of the form, the installation of fixed forms of accessories, the use of the process must be in accordance with the instructions for use, according to the instructions for its operation and installation, whether it is accessories or the use of operations are required to strictly comply with the instructions, followed by In the course of daily use to have a certain understanding of its advantages and disadvantages must be clear.