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Earthquake electrical contact bimetallic thermometer features where?
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Shockproof electrical contact bimetallic thermometer is a measurement of low temperature field instrumentation. The shockproof electrical contact bimetallic thermometer filled with shock-proof oil from the inside of the instrument can effectively overcome the pointer shake brought by mechanical vibration, and has the characteristics of waterproof, corrosion-proof, vibration-proof, intuitive, easy-readout, robust and durable in design principle and structure, It can directly measure a variety of production processes in the 80 ℃ ~ +500 ℃ range of liquid, steam and gas media and harsh environment with a vibration temperature.

Shockproof electrical contact bimetallic thermometer is widely used in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, power generation, textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial and research departments. Then its main features are:

1, a variety of structural forms, to meet different requirements;

2, pulling the core thermometer can be shut down for a short time to maintain or replace the movement;

3, the scene shows the temperature, intuitive and convenient;

4, safe and reliable. long lasting;

5, there is axial type, light one-piece bimetallic thermometer.