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High Accuracy LCD Digital Flexible Baby Thermometer
- Aug 04, 2018 -

High Accuracy LCD Digital Flexible Baby Thermometer


Easy to read, LCD display, beeping sound lets you know when measurement is complete


Takes 60 seconds to measure body temperature. can be used orally, rectally and under the armpit.

You can put your company logo on it to work for your business, make it personalized, standing out from the competition and make a good impression, this small gift will help attracting your customers or build your relationship with them, translate into repeat business, referrals,

Features of Digital Thermometer

* Measuring Time: 12 ~ 30 seconds

* Digital LCD display

* Temperatures can be taken under arm (axillary use) or under the tongue (oral use)

* Last reading memory display

* Beeper alarm

* Low battery indicator

* Auto shut-off function

* Battery replaceable

* Small, light weight unit (10 grams). Universal in use for the whole family

* ABS resin body presents no hazard compared to broken mercury glass thermometers

Specifications of Digital Thermometer

* Power: DC 1.5V

* Range: 32°C to 43°C

* Accuracy: ±0.1°C

* Weight: 10g

* Size: 131 x 18 x 10mm

* Battery: LR41 Cell

* Battery Life: approx. 2 years (calculated at used for 10 minutes a day)