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Infrared Forehead Thermometer Infrared Ear Thermometer
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Infrared Forehead Thermometer V1:

Promoting MODEL, advantages as:

1) Three-color backlight ( Color Alarm): When the body's temperature is normal, the backlight is Green, when the baby has slight fever, the backlight is Orange, and when the baby has high fever, the backlight is RED.

2)0.0; C~100.0; C, Wide Measuring range: 0.0; C~100.0; C, used not only for body temperature, but also or milk/ washing water temperature.

3) Color selectable: Green, Blue or other kind of color, you just need privde the pantone code

4)Advantage: Test Ear/Forehead/Room Temperature and Clock Function, Slight/High Fever Alarm, 4 in 1 mutual-function, Three-color backlight (color alarm). 0-100 Wide measuring range: Can be also for temperature of milk, bath water etc.

5)Measuring Range: 0.0; C~100.0o C(32.0o F~212.0o F)

6)Display: LCD display, Resolution is 0.1; C(0.1; F), A is without backlight, B is with single-color backlight, C is with three-color backlight

7)Light Alarm: Two-color Light Alarm(HTD8206C Only)

8)Sound Alarm: Fever Alarm or Beep Alarm when System Problems Happened.

9)Unit:; C/; Fcan be Changed by Pressing Button.

10)Test Mode: Non-contact Testing Ear/Forehead/Room Temperature

11)Testing distance: 0-2cm

12)Measure Time: One Second.

13)Auto Shut-off: 60 Seconds without Operation

14)Battery: CR2032× 1

15)Battery Life: Appro. 1o , 000 Times, Inspect Low Voltage of Battery any Time.

16)Standards: CE, RoHS, FCC

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