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Install the bimetallic thermometer on the pipe
- Jan 02, 2018 -

1. The height of the liquid level in the pipe must be immersed bimetallic the highest end, which is the RBI position. Why do you say that? Depending on the temperature of the tested object, the length and extension of the bimetal are different, so when the quality inspection at the factory to determine the thermometer is one of the test is based on the detection of submerged depth. In many customers inquiry, but also will be asked directly, such as: immersion depth of 5 ", meaning that is not part of the length of the tooth .If the immersion depth is shorter than the bimetallic, then it will not be able to produce qualified products.

2. According to the pipeline interface thread, select the matching bimetallic thermometer mounting screw.

The correct bimetallic thermometer installed in the pipeline, then make it a better job.