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The Causes of Bimetallic Thermometer Damage and Solutions
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Bimetallic thermometer, is made of steel with components welded. How to throw the case on the way, then the components will fall with the wire fall, the cursor has always been no longer running; perhaps the element spacing throwing deformation. The status of the pointer will change, and so on. And these are the reasons for the bimetallic thermometer damage, but also what are the reasons for the damage measures?

Bimetal thermometers destroy individual transport process is a great achievement. For example, in the delivery side (because the packaging is not good, carton packaging, packaging may not be tight) on the way to throw. It will directly lead to thermal resistance bimetallic thermometer accuracy deviation is relatively large.

Bimetallic thermometer damage disposal measures: it is best to use wooden packaging, put the paper towels outside the solid, do not let the outside space there will be no individual after all.