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The correct method of measuring the electronic thermometer
- Jun 27, 2018 -

When measuring body temperature, the temperature will be biased due to the influence of temperature measurement time, outside air and different body parts. In order to get accurate temperature measurement data, always keep a certain temperature measurement position. When the armpit is placed, the electronic thermometer should be placed close to the temperature part. When the tongue is down, the electronic thermometer should be tightly inserted into the base of the tongue.

Attention to electronic thermometer

1. when the rear position of the electronic thermometer shows "AG3", it means that the battery needs to be replaced. The battery uses the AG3 button battery or the SR41 silver oxidation battery. When replacing the battery, open the top of the battery cover first. Press down the switch guide skin and dial out the core about 2.5MM (the core should not exceed 3.5mm). Remove the battery with a small bottle screwdriver. Load the new battery, move the positive pole upward, and insert the core, carefully close the battery cover.

2. the electronic thermometer can be cleaned with wet cloth. If it is waterproof, it can be washed directly into the water. It is not allowed to be placed in high pressure gas and exposed to corrosive substances. There is no warranty liability for the damage caused by this damage:

3. working temperature: 10 degree C-40 degree C working humidity: 30%-80%RH

4. preservation temperature: -1 degrees C-60 degrees C humidity: 10%-80%RH

5. service life: AG3 or SR41 button battery is about 200 hours.

6. display accuracy: + 0.1 C (32 C to 43 degree C) or + 0. 2 degree F

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