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Thermistor installation of thermal resistance considerations
- Jan 02, 2018 -

In the installation of bimetallic thermometers to consider the accuracy of the thermometer measurements, as well as the latter part of the maintenance and maintenance of convenience, so the installation is necessary to these issues, which requires early consideration, then how It is more appropriate to install it, the following summary of the installation of some bimetal thermometer thermal resistance considerations.

1, in order to make the measuring end of the thermal resistance and the measured medium have sufficient heat exchange, should be a reasonable choice of measuring point position, try to avoid valves, elbows and pipes and equipment installed near the dead zone thermal resistance.

2, the thermal resistance with a protective sleeve heat and heat loss, in order to reduce the measurement error, thermocouple and RTD should have enough depth.

The above is the bimetal thermometer thermal resistance installation considerations, want to make the future easier to use and maintenance can be installed according to the above installation method.