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What is the difference between a thermocouple and a bimetallic thermometer?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

The bimetallic thermometer is actually very similar to a thermocouple because it measures the difference in temperature and is more suitable for on-site testing at medium and low temperatures. It measures liquid vapor and gas medium temperatures in the range of -80 ° C to +500 ° C for various manufacturing processes.

Thermocouples are used at high temperatures in industry. Bimetallic thermometers are of course most suitable for low temperature. The main component of bimetallic thermometer is a multi-layer metal sheet composed of two or more metal sheets laminated together. Metal in the temperature changes when the degree of expansion of the principle of work. It is based on a bimetal sheet wound into a ring shape. When one end is heated and expanded, it will drive the pointer to rotate, and the working instrument will show the temperature value of the thermoelectric power. The main element of the industrial bimetal thermometer is a multi-layer metal sheet composed of two or more metal sheets stacked together.

Bimetallic thermometer in the current domestic use is still very wide and similar products are also very large, bimetallic thermometer axial, radial, universal type header type selection. Bimetallic thermometer probe length can be based on customer Need to customize.

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