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Actively Improve The Function Of Expanding The Infrared Electronic Thermometer OEM Market
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Another trend is to improve performance, especially for specialty medical products. Most companies have made fuss about improving the accuracy and speed of equipment. Taking a hand-held body fat analyzer as an example, the latest product can provide results in 6 to 7 seconds, which is at least 10 seconds shorter than the previous models. By using advanced electronic technology, readings of body fat and moisture content are more accurate, and the reading of many products varies by 0.1% instead of 0.5%. In addition, some products can be set for children, adults, athletes and non-athletes to adapt to different physical conditions. Some sphygmomanometers are also equipped with MWI function, or use the technique of measurement when inflated, which can shorten the operation time. Infrared sensors are also increasingly used in electronic thermometers and can be measured close to the ear or forehead. Some personal health instruments use large LCD screens to make reading easier; some electronic scales use infrared technology to separate the screen from the device and place it at the same height as the eyes, which is more conducive to user observation.


In order to provide more humane care and safety, some health monitoring devices also have a sound report function to remind the user when the result reaches a preset or default level. For example, an electronic thermometer can have a body temperature higher than 38 degrees or lower than 35 degrees. A beep sounds and displays related messages. Some alcohol breath testers are also connected to the vehicle's ignition system. The driver must perform breath tests. Only the blood alcohol content or BAC is lower than the preset ignition system can work properly.