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Best Baby Bath Tub-duck Modern Digital Thermometer

- May 18, 2018 -

Lets start out by taking a closer look at some of the greatest baby bath tubs availble. These bath tubs are loved by parents all over the world and with good reason; they provide frustration free bathing.

Best Standard Baby Bath Tub

Sometimes it really is the simple things that are best. The EuroBath baby bath tub is a single molded piece of plastic that is very effective in allowing you to bath and support your baby.

Unlike the majority of baby bath tubs, the EuroBath is proudly made in the USA and is not only recyclable but also free from hazardous materials like BPA, lead and Phthalates.

Suitable for newborns right through to two year olds, this bath tub comes with two seating positions:

  1. Reclining Infants are supported under the arms and legs with stoppers that prevent your little one from slipping under water

  2. Once your baby can sit upright, a safety stopper will sit between the legs, ensuring that he does not slip under water during bath time.

Being made out of a single piece of plastic the tub is incredibly easy to rinse and dry. There are no hidden areas that catch and hide water

My only gripe is that this baby bath tub is big. Very big. In fact it is the largest on the market, measuring 36 inches long, 21 wide and 9 deep. This can make carrying the bath tub filled with water quite a challenge.

Best Convertible Baby Bath Tub

Sure Comfort Deluxe Baby Bath

Styles: Blue or Pink 
Brand: The First Years

  • Mesh Sling.

  • Padded head rest.

  • Convertible.

  • Erganomic design.

e of the most popular baby bath tubs on the market. Simple, cheap and most importantly, your infant will find it comfortable.

The bath tub is designed to grow with your baby and has three settings to suit each stage of your baby’s development.

  1. Newborn – A comfortable hammock holds your baby in place while you wash him with a free hand.

  2. Infant – The sling is removed and the back rest is lowered, allowing your baby to sit up at a supported angle.

  3. Toddler – The back rest is raised, allowing your baby to sit up right, unassisted, while still offering support.

  4. The plush padding located on the back rest is non-slip, helping keep your baby comfortable and secure. The padding is also mold and mildew resistant.

The drain located in the bottom of the bath tub allows you to easily drain the water when bath time is over. If the water is too hot, the drain will change color to white, providing you with a visual warning to be cautious.

The exterior of the bath tub is well designed, featuring a smooth curved rim and being able to fit single or double sinks.

It is worth mentioning that the drain does not release all of the water when the plug is removed. This allows you to remove the majority of the water, making it light enough to turn over and rinse.

Best Modern Baby Bath Tub

Infant Bath Tub

Styles: White 
Brand: 4Moms

  • Digital Thermometer.

  • Padded head rest.

  • Convertible.

  • Ergonomic design.

kay, lets be clear, this baby tub is gorgeous to look at. It is essentially the iPhone of baby baths and has a couple of luxury features that sets it apart from many of the other baby bath tubs.

Unique to this bath tub is that you can actually have constantly fresh water flowing through the bath tub. By simply opening the side drain and turning on a faucet, the water will circulate in such a way that the dirty water is constantly emptied out the drain.

A digital thermometer monitors the water temperature and will tell you to the nearest degree how hot your bathwater is. The screen of the thermometer is color coded, turning blue if the temperature is too cold, green if the temperature is just right and red to warn you that the water is too hot for your baby.

My only gripe with this baby bath tub is that the digital thermometer runs on three AAA batteries. Guess what? No batteries are included with the bath tub. While it is more of a minor inconvenience than anything else, I would have expected batteries to come in the packaging of a premium baby bath tub.

Best Fold-up Baby Bath Tub

White Hot Inflatable Bath Tub

Styles: As pictured 
Brand: Munchkin

  • Includes bath ducky.

  • Cute design.

  • Textured surface.

  • Portable.

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