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Chinas Rapid Development Of The Medical Device Market

- May 24, 2018 -

China's rapid development of the medical device market, making foreign giants fabulous. Recently, Medtronic high of more than $ 800 million acquisition of an orthopedic device companies in digital blood pressure monitor manufacturer Changzhou, Jiangsu, attracted public attention. Reporters learned that the Chinese medical device company, through continuous innovation and foreign giants to compete, and established its own advantages in the field of cardiovascular stents and other high-end devices.

FAN Yu-bo, chairman of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, China's medical equipment market scale of about 400 billion yuan, and the increasing rate of 20% per annum. Among them, the high-end medical equipment about 80% of the market occupied upper arm blood pressure monitor by foreign investors. However, in a high-end medical equipment segments - cardiovascular stent industry, representative of Shanghai minimally invasive medical devices company, but in 10 years time from the start, following the huge shift to transcend and firmly occupy about 70% of the domestic market.

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