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Ear Temperature Gun Stable And Accurate
- Apr 22, 2018 -

The ear thermometer is easy to use, low in discomfort and difficult to cross-infect. It is especially suitable for children. Therefore, most hospitals currently use this method to measure the patient's temperature. The ear thermometer and the mercury thermometer are different in temperature measurement principle. The skin temperature in the ear cavity is measured. Relative to oral temperature and rectal temperature, doctors will make relatively accurate judgments based on professional knowledge.

Compared with traditional mercury thermometers, infrared ear thermometer is very convenient to use, only need to put on a one-time sleeve head, into the ear canal, in a very short time can be obtained by the body temperature value, health Austria ear cavity thermometer manufacturers recommend ear The temperature gun is stable and accurate.


Body temperature is generally divided into the oral cavity, armpit, anus, ear canal, forehead of these five kinds, which rectal temperature and ear temperature is closest to the center temperature of the human body. Body temperature in different parts of the body has its own normal range.

The armpit temperature is generally 34.7°C-37.3°C.

Oral temperature is generally 35.5°C-37.5°C.

Rectum 36.6°C-38.0°C,

Infrared ear temperature 35.8°C-38.0°C.

Even at the same time, readings from different locations cannot be directly compared. In addition, normal body temperature varies from age to age. For ear thermometers, 0 to 2 years old is 36.4°C to 38°C, 3 to 10 years old is 36.1°C to 37.8°C, 11 to 65 years old is 35.9°C to 37.6°C, and 65 years and up are 35.8°C to 37.5°C. Also, the human body temperature will vary in different environments. “For example, when the temperature measured at home is 39°C, it will go to the hospital and be affected by the outdoor temperature on the road, or after a strenuous exercise, the body temperature will naturally change.”