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Ear Thermometer

- Mar 11, 2018 -

Infrared Ear Thermometer From the mid-1960s, the United States began to study the tympanic membrane temperature as the core temperature standard. In recent years, the United States as the center developed a series of infrared ear thermometer, which is a thermometer used to measure the temperature of the tympanic membrane, the infrared ray radiation emitted by the tympanic membrane is transmitted to the thermopiles, etc. through an infrared waveguide. The heat detector converts the infrared radiation energy into electrical energy and then processes the electrical signal to obtain human body temperature information.

In 1986, T.Shinozaki and others first used thermopile detectors to make ear canal thermometers appear in the U.S. market. Ear thermometers currently on the market are available in a wide variety of formats, such as the Swiss ET-100B, Omron-510, Braun HM-2, and Kangding HD-7.

Ear thermometers are generally equipped with disposable probe covers to keep them clean and prevent infection. Because the temperature of the tympanic membrane is stable and can directly reflect the internal temperature of the human body, the ear thermometer can be used as a medical confirmation when the method of use is correct. However, due to the higher requirements for users and the use of disposable probe covers, they are generally used only in hospitals or homes.

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