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Ear Thermometer Features

- Mar 11, 2018 -

The utility model is a special ear temperature sleeve for an ear thermometer. The ear temperature sleeve is formed into a hollow conical shape, and has a light transmitting part, a sheathing part and a fixing ring, wherein the light transmitting part is located in the sleeve. The front end of the portion, the other end of the sheathing portion is connected with the fixing ring, and a plurality of nicks are formed on the end surface of the light transmitting portion;

Since the transparent portion forms a plurality of nicks, the ability to penetrate the infrared ray is further increased, and the probability of the infrared ray penetrating the same thickness is increased, and the measurement accuracy can be effectively increased.

1. Infrared ear thermometer is dedicated to measuring the temperature of the human ear canal, compared with the ordinary electronic thermometer, the measurement principle and measurement parts are different, it is not possible to obtain the same measurement value, the following is an important concept to determine the body temperature:

a) The normal value of body temperature is a range, not a specific, constant value, and everyone is different;

b) normal body temperature, measured in different parts of the body are not the same, should not be used to compare with each other, in which ear temperature is the most accurate and sensitive;

c) body temperature will change with age, gender, time, exercise, mood, etc.;

d) You can measure body temperature when you and your family members are in good health, so that you can compare them when you have a fever. 

2. Infrared ear thermometer is a high-tech, high-sensitivity measuring instrument that measures the operating environment during the use process ( Whether or not it is aligned with the eardrum has a high requirement, so it is easy to cause artificial measurement inaccurate rather than the problem of the instrument itself. Specific matters needing attention:

a) The infrared ear thermometer must be stable after 30 minutes in the operating environment;

b) The probe of the ear thermometer should be inserted deep into the ear canal so as to fit the ear drum

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