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Household Medical Equipment Market Potential Is Tremendous

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Household Medical Equipment Market Potential Is Tremendous

With the new medical running in years of thorough propulsion, "parity" is no longer pharmacy chains of gold medal scenery to continue from death. China's drug retail development research center of the recently released national drug retail series study reports that, digital thermometer by the end of last year's relevant data shows that our drug retail growth is slowing, chain rate, sales growth slowed, drug retail overall situation is not optimistic. China pharmaceutical enterprise management association YuMingDe also reads the pharmaceutical circulation "1025" when planning, points out that the traditional retail pharmacy business model is facing great challenges.

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      A few days ago, ShangPu consulting, which published the 2011 China medical equipment industry analysis and development outlook report says, to "1025" at the end, clinical thermometer  that is in 2015, China's medical instrument and equipment market is expected to double, to $53.7 billion, China medical equipment industry compound annual growth rate will remain in the 20% to 30%. Related data showed that in 2010, the household of the medical devices total sales is 14 billion yuan only, domestic medical equipment market accounts for 14% of total sales, and in foreign countries a proportion generally at about 25%. Visible, household medical products in China still has a huge development space. At the same time, as China began to high-income countries and to forward the aging population process up, the people's life demand and consumption structure will be major changes to the medical health service and self care needs will be greatly increased, ear thermometer,forehead thermometer household medical equipment market gap is expanding.

      Pharmacy chains home medical equipment sales, on the one hand, the diversified products to attract the attention of consumer, on the other hand also hope for enterprise bring profit growth point. Industrial policy also for home market in medical devices exert himself, pharmaceutical circulation industry "1025" planning clearly put: "encourage drug retail enterprises drugstore, health care products,digital blood pressure monitor  medical devices and health services sales of diversification, meet the various requirements such as self medication." It is reported, electronic device, blood glucose meter, the oxygen machine, digital meridian treat instrument, electronic thermometer, medical devices and other household pedometer in pharmacy sales in good condition.

      As the nation's largest medical equipment chain, home back to the chairman and chief executive of BaiYu said: "as home medical equipment overall, domestic and foreign manufacturers occupy market share quite, domestic manufacturer accounted for forty percent,digital thermometer manufacturer fifty percent more foreign. Specific to a category, the two sides of the market share have differences." He explained: "at home and abroad, for example, production enterprise of the wheelchair sales proportion, oxygen in the category of the machine with domestic sales more, blood, blood sugar instruments to import primarily."

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