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How Much Does A Blood Pressure Monitor Cost

- Jun 12, 2018 -

  • Blood pressure monitors that are manual, meaning that they have a pressure dial that you read while hand-pumping the monitor, can cost anywhere from $20-$50.  For example, LifeSource sells a manual blood pressure monitor for $22.

  • Blood pressure monitors that are automatic can cost between $40-$100 depending on the features of the machine.  An automatic blood pressure monitor regulates the pressure itself and then displays the results on a digital screen.  Some machines can even store your past results for future reference.  Others are capable of connecting to your computer for printouts and updates.  The Omrom HEM-780 is a great example of an automatic blood pressure monitor.

  • Some blood pressure monitors can be used around your wrist rather than a cuff around your upper arm.  These types of monitors will cost $20-$70 depending on the brand and features.  Most wrist monitors have an automatic display;  however;  they are not always as accurate as the upper-arm monitors.  An example of a wrist monitor is shown in the Oregon Scientific Talking Monitor which can be purchased for about $45.

  • Besides the wrist, other blood pressure monitors can also be used via your finger.  A finger blood pressure monitor can cost anywhere from $20 to $75.   Advanced blood pressure monitors that are cuffless can cost upwards of $150.

  • What is going to be included?

  • Manual blood pressure monitors will come with a standard adult-sized arm cuff and a system that shows the blood pressure reading.  This can be as simple as a manual reading or digital display.

  • These monitors can be purchased at just about any local pharmacy or medical equipment retailer.  You won’t need a prescription to purchase one.

  • All blood pressure monitors will come with instructions for use and interpretation of results.

  • Most companies offer a warranty with the monitor, usually three to five years.

  • What are the extra costs?

  • Most automatic monitors will need a battery replacement.  The cost and frequency depends on the type of battery and how often the monitor gets used.

  • If you need a child-sized cuff or a larger adult cuff, this can cost an additional $5-$20.

  • According to heart.org, choose a monitor that has been tested, validated and approved by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, the British Hypertension Society and the International Protocol for the Validation of Automated BP Measuring Devices.

Top brands to consider:

  • Lifesource blood pressure monitor

  • Microlife blood pressure monitor

  • Omron blood pressure monitor

  • Panasonic blood pressure monitor

  • ReliOn blood pressure monitor

  • Hangzhou health shining blood pressure monitor

Best-selling blood pressure monitors

Tips to know:

  • Find a quiet place to take your blood pressure.  This will allow you to hear your heartbeat.

  • Always make sure that you’re in a relaxed and quiet state.  Also, make sure that you have an empty bladder.  Believe it or not but a full bladder can affect the reading.

  • Try to wrap the blood pressure monitor directly against the skin.  If there is any clothing in the way, you’ll want to set it aside.

  • Always sit up straight.  If you have to, be sure to breathe and relax for a few minutes before having your pressure checked.

  • Try to test it for accuracy before using it.  This can often be done at the local doctor’s office or validated through the manufacturer.

  • According to doctors, you should be able to place one finger inside the cuff when it’s deflated.  Refer to the packaging to see the size guidelines.

How can I save money?

  • Used blood pressure monitors can be found through services such as Google,Amazon and eBay.

  • provides reviews and suggestions for your blood pressure monitor needs.

  • If you’re just curious on what your blood pressure is currently at, most pharmacies have blood pressure monitors right in their lobbies.  Consider using one of these systems to get a reading.  If there are ever any questions, be sure to consult with a professional doctor.

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