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How To Choose PH Meter | Acidity Meter | Acidity Meter? We Should Pay Attention To Five Points.
- Feb 23, 2019 -

When choosing acidity meter, we should first consider the application occasion, choose pen-type pH meter, portable acidity meter, desktop acidity meter or industrial pH meter; secondly, consider the accuracy of measurement needs and choose the accuracy suitable for our own use. BpH-200A type pH meter is widely used in industry, electricity, agriculture, medicine, food, scientific research and environmental protection and other fields. This instrument is also a necessary test equipment for QS and HACCP certification in food and drinking water factories.

We need to consider the following points when choosing acidity:

1. According to the application situation, it can be divided into pen-type pH meter, portable pH meter, laboratory pH meter and industrial pH meter. The pen-type pH meter is mainly used to replace the function of pH test paper. It has the characteristics of low accuracy and convenient use.

Portable pH meters are mainly used in field and field measurements, requiring high accuracy and perfect functions.

Laboratory pH meter is a desktop high precision analyzer, which requires high precision and full functions, including print output, data processing and so on.

Industrial pH meter is used for continuous measurement of industrial process. It not only has the function of measuring and displaying, but also has the function of alarming and controlling, as well as the consideration of installation, cleaning, anti-interference and so on.

2. According to the accuracy classification of pH meter, it can be divided into 0.2, 0.1, 0.05 and 0.01 levels. The smaller the number, the higher the accuracy.

3. According to the types of components, it can be divided into transistor type, integrated circuit type and microcontroller type. More of them are the application of microcontroller chips, which greatly reduces the volume of instruments and the cost of single-chip computers; however, the development cost of chips is very expensive.

4. According to the reading indication, it can be divided into two types: pointer type and digital display type. Pointer pH meter is seldom used, but it can show the continuous change of data, so it is still used in titration analysis.

5. See if the pH meter has any additional functions, such as RS232 interface with standard, and another important thing is that temperature compensation is automatic.

Still manual, the automatic temperature compensation pH meter is more convenient than the manual temperature compensation pH meter. You can see the price between the two.

Note: The three names of pH meter | acidity meter | acidity meter all have the same meaning, but they are different from place to place or manufacturer.