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How To Master The Correct Ovulation

- Apr 08, 2018 -

How To Master The Correct Ovulation

This is the most commonly used and relatively effective method. Women's body temperature will occur with the menstrual cycle, subtle changes . In no diet, exercise , emotional behavior of temperature fluctuations and other changes in the premise is the basis for measuring the body temperature body temperature . 
Women are more subtle temperature changes , so mothers first women-only based pharmacy purchase 
clinical thermometer , its small scale , to measure the body temperature more sophisticated . Thermometer based on the pillow before going to bed to get a place readily available , the morning wake up open your eyes , it is not changing clothes , no toilet before leaving the bed , the thermometer placed under the tongue , mouth shut , measuring 3 5 minutes , and recorded on the basis of the thermometer . Measured at a fixed time every day , in order to avoid the time difference in body temperature , record the measurement meaningless . Insist on doing a month , you can draw with 28-day menstrual cycle, the basis for the benchmark was thermometer . 
You will find that low-temperature phase for 14 days after ovulation the body temperature will rise 0.3 ? ~ 0.5 ?, about to enter the high temperature period of 14 days . 
If not pregnant , basal body temperature will quickly drop ; if pregnancy has already begun , will appear the phenomenon of menopause , high-temperature phase will be extended to the first 4 months of pregnancy . If the temperature of a long duration , there may not ovulate , should consult a doctor as soon as possible .

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