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How To Use A Thermometer: 4 Mistakes People Make

- Jul 31, 2018 -

How to Use a Thermometer: 4 Mistakes People Make

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1. They don’t wait at least 15 minutes after eating or drinking to put the thermometer in their mouths.

2. They don’t keep it in long enough. If you have a digital kind, just follow the directions. For the bulb type, keep it in under your tongue for a couple of minutes.

3. They compare temperatures taken at different times of the day, not realizing that even in people who are not sick, temperatures vary from morning to evening. As I’ve already mentioned, they can do this even more depending on what’s causing the fever. So don’t compare yesterday morning’s temperature to the one you take this evening. Rather compare the one you took around 9 a.m. yesterday to the one you take today around that time.

I’d suggest taking the temperature mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and at night. Write the findings and times down. Then take them at approximately the same times the following day to monitor improvement or worsening.

4. They don’t use a thermometer. Instead, they rely on how they feel or how the skin feels.

Some people ache and feel really bad with a temperature of 99. Others feel pretty good with a fever of 101. How you feel is not necessarily an indicator of whether you have a fever.

How your skin feels isn’t a good indicator either. Many people think they’re running a fever because their skin feels hot. Of course that may be the case, but skin can be flushed for many reasons.

Think about it. All it takes for someone’s skin to feel hot is your hand being cooler than the skin you’re touching. And our skin surface temperature varies throughout the day.

Try cooling off your hand under a faucet. Dry it and touch your forehead. You’ll get the idea.

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