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How To Use An Electronic Thermometer

- Mar 25, 2018 -

1, use cotton swabs or toilet paper stick alcohol wipe disinfection electronic thermometer temperature sensor and measuring temperature stick part, in order to avoid damage to the electronic thermometer device, do not touch the electronic thermometer with alcohol or other solution outside the temperature probe and measuring rod Parts.

2, according to the electronic thermometer ON / OFF button, open the electronic thermometer power supply, electronic thermometer display shows "" about 2 seconds, and then display the last electronic thermometer measuring temperature about 2 seconds after the display L °C, which °C flashes, said electronic thermometer The temperature can be measured.

3, measuring armpit temperature: electronic thermometer before temperature measurement, the arm naturally sagging, the armpit tightly closed for 1 minute, so that the armpit temperature is stable; the thermometer's temperature head placed in the armpit center and clamped for about 1 minute until the electronic thermometer display The °C symbol stops blinking, which means that the electronic thermometer armpit temperature has been measured.

4. Measure the oral temperature: Before the electronic thermometer is measured, close the lips for about 1 minute so that the temperature in the oral cavity is stable. Put the temperature sensor's temperature sensor head on the sublingual root, and close the tongue and close the lips. Minutes, until the electronic thermometer display °C symbol stops flashing, which indicates that the electronic thermometer's oral temperature has been measured.

5, if the temperature> 37.5 °C, you hear the alarm sound of the electronic thermometer: Bi-Bi-Bi-Bi (one ring every 0.125 seconds), indicating that the electronic thermometer measurement is completed and the warning has a fever.

If the temperature is ≤ 37.5°C, a slower sound of the electronic thermometer is heard: Bi-Bi-Bi-Bi (one ring every 0.5 seconds), indicating that the electronic thermometer measurement is complete and the body temperature is normal.

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