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Infrared Electronic Thermometer Use Method And Daily Maintenance
- Apr 21, 2018 -

The correct procedure for using an infrared thermometer is:

(1) When measuring body temperature, the instrument should be pointed above the middle of the front forehead (eyebrow) and keep vertical, the measured part can not be blocked by the hair, the distance between the instrument and the forehead is recommended to be around 3 to 5CM

(2) When the measured person comes from a place with a large difference in the measured ambient temperature, it should stay in the tested environment for at least 5 minutes, and be measured after being consistent with the ambient temperature, otherwise it will affect the measurement result.

(3) If the fever of the patient's forehead is cold, sweating, and other cooling measures are taken, the measurement result will be low, and measurements in this case should be avoided.

(4) When the infrared electronic thermometer is taken out from a place with a large difference from the ambient temperature to be measured, the instrument should be placed in the use environment for 20 minutes before use.

(5) The environment around the person to be measured must be stable, and it cannot be tested in places with large air currents such as fans and air conditioner outlets.

(6) The instrument cannot be used outdoors or in a place with strong sunlight.


If it is not used correctly, it will result in errors or errors in the measurement result, in:

1. Place the instrument vertically in the eyebrow when measuring, and do not cover the measurement area with bangs, otherwise it will affect the measurement effect;

2. The measurement should be performed at room temperature. If the temperature is not consistent with the current ambient temperature, the deviation of the measurement result will occur.

3, When sweating or after exercise, the measurement will make the result high, so please avoid using in this situation;

4. Do not measure in areas with large wind flow;

5, the front of the lens parts are fragile, please be careful to avoid damage.