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Introduction Of The Method Of Using A Laboratory Thermometer

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Introduction of the method of using a laboratory thermometer

(一)when measuring the temperature of a liquid by a thermometer, the correct method is as follows:

The 1. hand holds the upper end of the thermometer, the thermometer's glass bubble is immersed in the measured liquid, not the bottom of the container or the wall of the container.

2. the thermometer glass bubble is immersed in the measured liquid for a little while, and then the number of the thermometer is stable and then read again.

The glass bubble of the thermometer should remain in the liquid at 3. reading, and the line of sight should be flat with the upper surface of the liquid column in the thermometer.

(using one end of the thermometer by hand, the temperature of the hand can be avoided and the liquid expansion and contraction in the table can be avoided. " If the glass of the thermometer touches the bottom or wall of the container, it is not the temperature of the water that is measured. If the liquid column stops in the thermometer, it will not read or read, or read out the water. It is not the real temperature of the water. )

Note: do not dump before measuring temperature

(二) temporary determination of the temperature in the room and outside

1. take the upper end of the thermometer by hand, and when the liquid column in the thermometer stops lifting, read again.

In the 2. reading, the line of sight should be flat with the tip of the thermometer's liquid column.

3. if the long-term measurement of the outdoor temperature, the thermometer hanging on the shady and ventilated place.

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