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Principle Of Choosing And Purchasing Blood Glucose Meter And Method Of Measuring And Radiation
- Jan 18, 2019 -

1. For most patients with diabetes mellitus, it is only necessary to accurately measure blood sugar with a blood glucose meter, and then record the results. Therefore, diabetic patients with general economic conditions are mainly practical. It is more appropriate to choose economical blood glucose meter. It only costs about 4 yuan to use one test paper each time.

2. The economic condition is good. Patients who wish to manage their condition with the help of the storage and analysis function of the blood glucose meter, or those who have poor vision and need large screen display results, as well as those who have difficulty in operation and need the blood glucose meter to prompt the operation points directly, can choose the multi-functional blood glucose meter.

3. Patients with multiple metabolic abnormalities need to be monitored at the same time, and the economic conditions are more comfortable, they can choose luxury blood glucose meter.

It should be pointed out that the blood glucose test paper of various models of blood glucose meter can not be used for each other, so patients must buy the test paper according to their own blood glucose meter model, in order to accurately play the detection role.

Therefore, if the economic conditions permit, it is better to have a blood sugar meter at home. Especially for gestational diabetes mellitus, type 1 diabetes mellitus, high blood sugar fluctuation, insulin pump has been used, intensive insulin therapy is being carried out or unconscious hypoglycemia patients are prone to occur at ordinary times, blood sugar meter must be equipped at home in order to carry out rigorous blood sugar monitoring. In order to use the blood glucose meter correctly, patients also need to receive training on basic knowledge of diabetes, monitoring significance, how to look at the analysis results and learn insulin injection.

measuring method

Chemical colorimetry

Principle: Glucose oxidase colorimetry was used in the early blood glucose meter. The test paper reacted with blood and changed its color. After that, the blood droplets were wiped out and put into the blood glucose meter. The blood glucose value was obtained by measuring the chromatogram.

Advantages: Compared with biochemical instrument, it can measure quickly and use less blood.

Disadvantages: Early technology, modern mostly electrodes measurement, less blood, faster measurement, so the chemical colorimetric market has been basically eliminated, the only model is Johnson Steady.

Glucose oxidase electrode method

Principle: Measure blood sugar by measuring the current produced by the reaction of glucose in blood and glucose oxidase in test paper. Most of the mainstream models on the market are glucose oxidase measurement methods.

Advantages: Compared with biochemical and chemical measurements, it is faster (less than 30 seconds) and uses less blood (5 microliters or less).

Appearance of various blood sugar meters

Appearance of various blood glucose meters (5)


Disadvantage: Oxygen content in air is much higher than hydrogen content, so test paper is more susceptible to air influence than dehydrogenase method, so it is required to store more strictly in a closed and dry environment. Generally, test paper should be used within 5 minutes after it is removed from the container. Otherwise, it is more likely that the test paper is not accurate because of dampness. Barreled test paper generally requires open cover to take out test paper. Tighten the lid immediately after opening. Test paper should be used up within 3 months after opening.

FAD-Glucose dehydrogenase by glucose dehydrogenase electrode

Principle: Measure blood sugar by measuring the current produced by the reaction of glucose in blood and glucose dehydrogenase in test paper.

Advantages: In addition to the advantages of oxidase, it is specific to glucose, free from oxygen interference, easy to preserve, and can be used to expire after opening.

Disadvantage: Slight reaction to xylose.

Measurement of PQQ-Glucos dehydrogenase by Glucose Dehydrogenase Electrode

Principle: Measure blood sugar by measuring the current produced by the reaction of glucose in blood and glucose dehydrogenase in test paper. There are mainly Roche superior type, Lisultan, Omron 215 type.

Advantages: In addition to the advantages of oxidase, due to the lack of hydrogen in the air, he also overcomes the disadvantage of oxidase not easy to preserve. Generally, it can be used to expire after opening the tank.

Disadvantage: Dehydrogenase not only reacts with blood glucose, but also reacts with maltose, galactose and xylose in blood. So it is easy to produce pseudo-blood glucose by dehydrogenation method when patients eat the above-mentioned carbohydrates. Therefore, dehydrogenation method is not recommended in general hospitals.