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Surface Thermometer Composition
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Surface thermometer composition

It is made up of a surface temperature sensor and a display instrument.

The surface temperature sensor is the key component of the surface thermometer, and the performance of the surface thermometer directly determines the performance and disadvantage of the surface thermometer. Usually, the surface temperature sensor is a special temperature sensor. It must be a thin sheet shape with extremely thin thickness, so as to avoid the measurement error due to the interference of the original temperature field due to the self shape and heat conduction of the sensor.

A surface temperature sensor can be a thermocouple or a thermal resistance.

The display instrument can be used as a thermocouple or a thermal resistance display device, or a data recorder, or a computer data acquisition system.

The application of surface thermometers: aeronautics, space, energy, chemical, textile and other research and production that require accurate measurement of surface temperature.

The surface thermometer must pay attention to the installation of the surface temperature sensor, which will determine the accuracy of the surface temperature measurement.

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