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The Advantages Of An Electronic Thermometer
- Aug 27, 2018 -

What are the advantages of an electronic thermometer?

The advantage is high accuracy, the error generally does not exceed +-0.1 °C, reading and carrying are convenient, voice prompts, digital display, safe and easy to use. Such as Ding Yi infrared ear temperature grab as long as put in the baby's ear, 0.1 seconds, the temperature is immediately accurate display, whether lying or sitting can be used, the baby is more acceptable. At the same time, the ear thermometer avoids the hidden danger of glass puncture or mercury pollution caused by the damage of the traditional mercury thermometer.

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Established in 2011, Hangzhou Health Shining Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is high-tech manufacturer dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and market of digital thermometer, infrared thermometers and blood pressure monitors series of health products.

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More than 50 workers and 3 technicians, we have 2 working line and with large production capacity (Digital thermometer, 1 million pieces, blood pressure monitor 0.1 million etc)

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Digital thermometer, infrared thermometer, blood pressure monitor, water test series

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Body temperature, animal temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, water quality, health care products

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