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The Correct Use Of Mercury Thermometer
- Mar 14, 2018 -

The correct use of mercury thermometer

Mercury thermometer is a thermometer used to measure inflation. - 150 DEG C or 500 DEG C temperature range, it can only be used as in situ monitoring instrument; it is used to measure the temperature, not only is simple and intuitive, but also can avoid the error of the external remote thermometer. Use mercury thermometer should pay attention to the following points:

(1) before use should be xiaogai. (to compare with calibration or calibration precision thermometer with more simple level standard temperature, Duowen.

(2) it is not allowed to use the measured value of the maximum scale of the humidity over the thermometer.

(3) the thermometer has a thermal inertia and should read after the thermometer reaches a stable state. Reading should be read at the highest tangent direction of the convex curved moon surface at the temperature.

(4) the mercury hygrometer should be perpendicular or inclined to the flow direction of the measured working substance.

(5) the mercury thermometer often breaks out of the mercury column, and the elimination method is:

(1) cold repair method: insert thermometer thermometer into dry ice and alcohol mixture (temperature should not exceed -38 C), shrink it, make mercury in capillary tube shrink to the temperature package.

2. Hot repair: slowly insert the thermometer into the constant temperature tank which is slightly higher than the upper limit of the measurement, so that the mercury breaking part is connected with the whole mercury column, and then slowly remove the temperature, and then cools gradually to the room temperature in the air.

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