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The Duckymeter

- May 22, 2018 -

The Duckymeter serves as a thermometer and a toy for your kiddo. The super-cute ducky design automatically activates once it’s in the water, so you’ll never forget to turn it on. It also floats naturally and is completely submersible. You’re little one can play with it just like any other rubber ducky without compromising the thermometer, providing entertainment as well as making the bath safe.

It checks the water’s temperature every second and displays it in Fahrenheit on the easy-to-read LCD screen.

The screen has three different color indicators to help you ensure that your baby’s bath water is just right. When measuring the temperature of the water, the screen will display blue to indicate the water is too cold, red for too hot and green for the perfect temperature. This way you’ll always know for sure that you’re bathing your baby in a safe environment.

It's also 100% safe to use out of the bathtub, and it complies with the Consumer Product and Safety Improvement Act. It

The Duckymeter comes with 3 AAA batteries.

You can rest assured that this is one of the best baby bath thermometers available.


  • Different color displays ensures that your baby’s bathwater is always just right

  • Safe for use as a toy in or out of the bathtub

  • Measures the temperature every second, so you won't have to worry about it getting too warm before it reads it again

  • Turns on once in the water, and you only swipe the bottom with a towel to dry to turn it off 


  • Takes a while to initially read water temperature

  • Doesn't have an alarm if the water reaches a too-hot temperatureThe Duckymeter.jpg

  • Must regularly check and dry the battery compartment, as it has a tendency to corrode 

What makes it different?

The Duckymeter displays the actual temperate and has a color code, whereas similar products only feature one or the other.

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