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The Instrument Parameters And Scope Of Application Of The Digital Thermometer
- Mar 15, 2018 -

The instrument parameters and scope of application of the digital thermometer

Digital thermometer chip assembly using imported high precision, high stability, error less than 0.5%, in the power supply, low power consumption, strong protection, stainless steel shell, beautiful and delicate.

Digital thermometer adopts imported high precision, low drift, low power integrated circuits and a wide temperature type liquid crystal display, built-in high energy battery is more than 5 years of continuous work without laying power cables, is a new type of temperature field which has high accuracy and good stability, strong applicability display instrument. It is an ideal substitute for the traditional field pointer double metal thermometer, which is widely used in all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities, and research institutes.

The number of physical quantities we temperature in production and daily life in real time to contact, but it is not to see, feel alone can only feel about the temperature value, although the traditional analogue thermometer can indicate the temperature, but the accuracy is low, not easy to use, display not intuitive, the emergence of digital thermometer can let people intuitively understand that they want to know what is the temperature in the end.

Digital thermometer with a temperature sensitive element is a temperature sensor (such as platinum resistor, thermocouple, thermistor, semiconductor, etc.) will be converted into the changes of temperature changes in the signal, such as the change of voltage and current, there is a certain relationship between the change of temperature and electrical signals, such as linear relationship, the curve of relationship. This circuit can use electrical signals or AD analog-to-digital conversion circuit converts the analog signal to digital signal, and then sent to the digital signal processing unit, such as a microcontroller or PC machine, processing unit through the internal calculation software that links the digital signal and temperature, the temperature can be displayed as numerical, such as 25 degrees Celsius then, through the display unit, such as LED, LCD or a computer screen display to observe. This completes the basic temperature measurement function of the digital thermometer.

According to the difference of sensors used, the AD conversion circuit and the processing unit, the digital display thermometer is different in accuracy, stability and temperature range. It is necessary to select the digital thermometer that meets the specifications according to the actual situation.

The digital thermometer has hand-held, disc, and medical small volume and so on.

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