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The Scientific And Technological Development Of Thermometer
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The first thermometer was invented in Galileo in sixteenth Century. But it wasn't until 300 years later that a thermometer with convenient and reliable performance was designed. Mercury is stored in the mercury ball at the end of the water. When Mercury is heated, it expands and rises along a very narrow glass tube. Therefore, a small change in body temperature can lead to a significant increase in mercury in glass tubes. After taking the temperature, you must shake the thermometer vigorously, so that mercury can go back to the mercury ball.

In 1714, Gabriel Fahrenheit developed a mercury thermometer which set the scale in the freezing point of water and the temperature of human body. A Holland doctor used it to heat the patient's temperature, but the thermometer was still too large for most doctors.

In 1868, Verdery, a German professor, published the book "disease and body temperature", which recorded 25 thousand patients' temperature changes, and the thermometer he used was two times the size of the thermometer, and took 20 minutes to record his body temperature.

Before and after 1980, a thermometer was invented. Membrane liquid crystal thermometer is green in the normal body temperature, fever, yellow fever, red.

In 1988, an electronic breath pulse thermometer appeared, which can be telemetering.

Later, in 1867, Orr Bert designed a thermometer which can quickly and accurately measure the body temperature and the length is only about 15 centimeters. Unfortunately the allbutt thermometer came too late, failed to help Karl Wendelhi.

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