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The Significance Of Self-testing Blood Glucose

- Jul 19, 2018 -

1.Self-monitoring the benefits of blood glucose control for diabetes

Find high blood sugar or low blood sugar, adjust the drug in time. The blood sugar level directly reflects the degree of actual glucose metabolism disorder. Blood sugar control refers to the overall control of blood glucose throughout the day. Many factors can cause blood sugar fluctuations in patients, such as unreasonable diet, excessive drinking, improper exercise, drug effects (inappropriate application of hypoglycemic drugs or other drugs), mood swings, stress states (such as colds, fever, trauma, surgery, Pregnancy and other chronic diseases in the body, etc.).

2.blood glucose monitoring before and after three meals, is conducive to adjusting the dose, variety and medication time of hypoglycemic drugs.

Blood glucose monitoring at night is beneficial for finding low blood sugar at night and fasting high blood sugar in the morning. Blood sugar is too high or too low before or at 3 o'clock in the night, and hyperglycemia occurs the next morning, but the treatment is quite different. Therefore, if the patient has obvious discomfort during sleep, he should increase blood glucose monitoring before or after bedtime or at night, and provide a reference for the doctor to make the treatment more reasonable.

3.Self-monitoring the economic benefits of blood sugar

In the past decade, there have been two milestones in the world and some small observations have shown that intensive treatment to achieve blood glucose levels will greatly reduce the incidence of chronic complications of heart, brain, kidney, eye and peripheral nerves. deterioration.

According to statistics from developed countries, the cost of treating diabetes complications is about 3-4 times that of direct use of hypoglycemic costs. If the self-monitoring of blood glucose is vigorously promoted, timely adjustment of the treatment plan will greatly reduce the health loss caused by complications and the medical expenses of the state and individuals. This is why blood glucose monitoring is listed as one of the comprehensive treatments for diabetes by the International Diabetes Federation.

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