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The Use Method And Cautions Of Mercury Thermometer
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Using temperature timing, we first need to see its range (measurement range), and then see its minimum scale value, that is, the value represented by each cell. Choose the appropriate thermometer to measure the temperature of the object under test. When measuring, the bubbles of the thermometer should be in full contact with the object under test, and the glass bubbles can not touch the side wall or bottom of the object under test; when reading, the thermometer should not leave the object under test, and the eyes should be equal to the liquid level in the thermometer.

1. Check before use (multi-branch comparison method of standard liquid temperature or thermometer with higher accuracy can be used to check).

2. Temperature is not allowed to exceed the maximum calibration value of the thermometer.

3. Thermometers have thermal inertia and should be read after the thermometer reaches a stable state. When reading, it should read in the highest tangent direction of the temperature convex meniscus and look straight at it.

4. Mercury thermometer should be perpendicular to or inclined to the flow direction of the tested working substance.

5. Mercury thermometer often breaks mercury column. The elimination methods are as follows:

(1) Cold repair method: the thermometer's temperature measuring bag is inserted into the mixture of dry ice and alcohol (temperature must not exceed - 38 C) for cold shrinkage, so that all mercury in the capillary tube shrinks to the temperature measuring bag.

(2) Hot repair method: insert the thermometer slowly into the constant temperature trough whose temperature is slightly higher than the upper limit of measurement, connect the mercury fracture part with the whole mercury column, then slowly remove the thermometer, and gradually cool it in the air to room temperature.

Notes Editor

Disposal after smashing

When the liquid mercury is sprayed with sulfur yellow powder, it can be chemically transformed into mercury sulfide. Mercury sulfide will not affect health by inhalation, and liquid mercury will not volatilize into the air in large quantities to cause harm to the human body. Also pay attention to indoor ventilation.

Experts warn that if a child's hand breaks and touches mercury, he should be rushed to hospital for treatment. Also, when Mercury falls on the floor, don't wait for it to evaporate, nor can it be sucked by a vacuum cleaner. It's better to collect it with a small ordinary shovel.

Experts believe that mercury thermometers are very dangerous, far beyond people's imagination. For example, people put it in the mouth to measure body temperature, in case the thermometer breaks, mercury is likely to flow into the mouth and even be swallowed. In order to expel mercury as soon as possible, the patient can't eat at first, so he should eat more vegetables with crude fibers. If the skin is broken by mercury temperature plan, it will probably cause infection and skin inflammation. If Mercury enters human blood, it will cause mercury poisoning.

Correct treatment: The spilled mercury must be collected immediately with droppers and brushes, covered with water (preferably glycerin), and then sprinkled with sulphur powder on the contaminated area, after no liquid (generally about a week) before cleaning.