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What Kind Of Thermometer Is Used For Baby Fever?
- Aug 18, 2018 -

The thermometer is an essential item for every family. Once the baby is suspected of having a fever, the first thing that the mother thinks is to measure the body temperature.


So today I will give you an analysis of the various thermometers on the market. How do mothers choose? Which one is more accurate? Is it safer for the human body?


Different parts of the baby


Body temperature is also different


Before choosing a thermometer, mothers should be clear:


The baby may have a slight increase in body temperature during the time of eating, crying, and playing. If you want to measure your body temperature, it is best to rest for 30 minutes.


Then the baby's mouth, rectum, armpit, ear canal and other different positions, the normal body temperature range is not the same, usually the normal body temperature of these parts is:


■ Anal temperature (also known as rectal temperature) and ear temperature


Between 36.9 ~ 37.9 degrees Celsius.


■ The temperature of the tongue under the mouth


Between 36.7 ~ 37.7 degrees Celsius, slightly lower than the anus temperature.


■ Radial artery and forehead, underarm temperature


It is slightly lower than the oral temperature by about 0.5 degrees Celsius.


After understanding this, what the mothers need to do is pick a suitable thermometer. 


Throw away the mercury thermometer


Put on these 5 thermometers!


If you still have a mercury thermometer, consider changing it. As early as 1992, Sweden has banned the sale of all medical equipment containing mercury.


Thirteen states in the United States have passed laws prohibiting the sale of mercury thermometers, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents not use mercury thermometers.


The safety hazard of the mercury thermometer is that its appearance is made of glass, which is more likely to be broken or crushed by the baby, causing the mercury to leak.



In the news, there are often mercury thermometers that are broken and improperly handled to cause mercury poisoning in babies and adults.


For the safety of the baby and the family, the mothers are decisively replaced with other safe and easy to use thermometers!


1.Electronic thermometer(Digital Thermometer)


Recommended degree: ★★★★☆


Advantages: easy to operate, suitable for a wide range of applications, suitable for a wide range of ages;


Disadvantages: Long measurement time.


The electronic thermometer with digital display is designed by the principle of temperature sensing of the thermistor. The method of use is the same as the mercury thermometer, and it can avoid the safety hazard of mercury.


Because it is the temperature of the electronic component, the measurement time of the general electronic thermometer takes about 3 to 5 minutes.


Choose an electronic thermometer that is soft and bendable, and your baby will feel comfortable when measuring body temperature.


After measuring the thermometer, the sound will be heard, and you can see the temperature reading directly!


The measurement time required by different brands will be different. The specifics are subject to the instructions of the mothers.


There are many advantages of electronic thermometers. The first is safety. The outer casing of most electronic thermometers is made of plastic. It doesn't matter if you are thrown by your baby during the process of use.


Secondly, the use of electronic thermometers is also quite diverse. It can be used to measure the temperature of the sputum, as well as to measure the temperature of the anus and the temperature of the mouth, but remember not to mix it.


If both the rectal temperature and the oral temperature are to be measured, you can buy two separate use and disinfect the alcohol after each use.


Measuring the anus temperature is suitable for babies 0 to 3 years old;


It is recommended to measure the oral temperature for babies 4 ~ 5 years old or older;


The temperature is suitable for babies of any age.


It should be noted that the position of the mouth temperature measurement is the deepest part of the baby's tongue, not the tongue.


Make sure your baby's skin is dry before measuring the temperature, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measurement.


Mothers are best to choose high-quality electronic thermometers. If the quality of the thermometer is not up to standard, it will be easy to measure the electronic components or the battery is insufficient.


2. pacifier thermometer


Recommended degree: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


Advantages: Suitable for small babies who like pacifiers;


Disadvantages: accuracy is not high.


The pacifier thermometer is actually an electronic thermometer with a pacifier shape to measure the baby's oral temperature.


It's just that this thermometer is suitable for small babies who like pacifiers. Most older babies and adults are not suitable.



Moreover, if the mouth temperature is measured, it is necessary to keep the mouth closed when the temperature is measured. It is difficult to make the baby under 3 years old, so the measurement result is large, the accuracy is not very high, and it is not recommended for the mother to buy.


3. Ear thermometer


Recommended degree: ★★★★☆


Advantages: fast and accurate;


Disadvantages: The baby is not applicable for 6 months or less, and the operation method is high.


The ear thermometer is also a very popular thermometer. Its principle is to convert the baby's body temperature value through the infrared measurement of the eardrum.


The eardrum and the hypothalamus have the same source of blood supply, while the hypothalamus is the body temperature control center of the brain, so the tympanic membrane can clearly and accurately reflect changes in body temperature.


Because ear thermometers are fast and accurate, many medical institutions are also using them.


Although this type of temperature measurement is convenient, the accuracy is easily affected by the operation method.


Sometimes the accuracy of the results measured by the ear thermometer is not high, because the method of use is not correct and unskilled.


The angle and depth of insertion, and the accumulation of earwax in the ear canal are all factors that affect the measurement results.


When using the ear thermometer, you need to abduct the baby's auricle first, straighten the ear canal, ensure that the probe and the tympanic membrane are on a uniform horizontal line, and then press the switch for 3 seconds to have a prompt tone, the temperature is relatively accurate.


In fact, it is not difficult. Pull the ear slightly back to the front before use, so that the ear canal is straightened.


The ear canal of the low-month-old baby is not fully developed and is relatively narrow, so it is not suitable for measurement with an ear thermometer. The measured results are also inaccurate.


According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), ear thermometers are not suitable for babies under 6 months.


4. The temperature gun


Recommended degree: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


Advantages: fast and simple, the baby can use when sleeping or crying;


Disadvantages: The accuracy is weak.


The temperature gun only needs to be swept away against the forehead, and the temperature can be quickly seen in a second or two, even if the baby is sleeping, or the crying does not match.


However, the shortcomings of the temperature gun are also very obvious. Because the temperature of the skin surface is measured, it is very susceptible to interference from the outside temperature, and the accuracy will be poor.


Especially when you just enter the air-conditioned room, or when you have just sweated a lot, it will cause the baby's temperature to change greatly, affecting the measurement results.


Because the temperature gun measures only the body surface temperature, not the precise temperature of the human body, and it cannot be used as a diagnostic basis in clinical practice.


The temperature gun is more used for large-scale crowds in the public to check the flu, because it can avoid cross-infection and quickly judge the screening.


When some mothers send their baby to kindergarten, they have seen the teacher holding a temperature gun at the door, and the baby is admitted to the park for a morning check, which can quickly determine whether the baby has a fever.

5. Radial artery thermometer


Recommended degree: ★★★★★


Advantages: fast and simple, high accuracy, easy to operate;


Disadvantages: There are certain requirements for the ambient temperature.


, refers to the part of the skull near the ear, here is the main artery position of the human head.


Moreover, the radial artery is very close to the surface of the skin, so it is suitable to measure the body temperature, and the accuracy of measurement is relatively high.


The radial artery thermometer needs to be swept over the forehead skin, measuring the temperature inside the forehead iliac artery.


The advantage of the radial artery thermometer is that the measurement is quick and simple, easy to operate, safe and hygienic. It does not need to be replaced and purchased as a ear thermometer, and the cost is lower.


However, the radial artery thermometer has high requirements on the use environment, and it is best to measure at room temperature above 15 degrees. The direct sunlight and cold outdoor environment will significantly increase the error of the measurement results.


Baby less than 6 months old


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the preferred measurement of sputum temperature; Mayo Parenting recommends that the measurement of rectal temperature be preferred, so you can choose an electronic thermometer.


Baby older than 6 months


If your mother is worried that the baby is not suitable for the ear thermometer, you can choose a radial thermometer or ear thermometer, and then purchase an electronic thermometer.


4 ~ 5 years old baby


You can use an ordinary electronic thermometer to measure the mouth temperature, and then choose a radial thermometer for your baby to resist or sleep.


Finally, after reading the article, you can choose the appropriate thermometer in the must-buy list. They are all carefully selected and trustworthy brands.


Now the activity price has been discounted, so I want to get started!

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