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Thermometer Measurement Methods
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Thermometer with oral and anal table two kinds.

Measured body temperature before the first thermometer mercury column rejection to below 35 ℃, alcohol disinfection of cotton thermostat table.

Armpit temperature measurement: first wipe the armpit sweat, the mouth of the mercury column placed in one end of the depths of the armpits, chest flexor will be the clamp, remove after 10 minutes.

Rectal temperature measurement method: first anal mercury spot coated oil lubrication, and then slowly inserted into the anal 3-5 cm, and hold the anal top with your hand, 3 minutes out.

Oral thermometry: should be eating, drinking or smoking after half an hour. Diagonal the table under the tongue, so that patients closed their lips, teeth do not bite, remove after 3 minutes. To see the thermometer figures, the body temperature should be slowly cross the body temperature, take the horizontal line set to observe the temperature scale mercury column. After the thermometer exhausted with 75% alcohol disinfection. Armpit temperature measurement method is simple, safe, sanitary and comfortable, now use this method. Coma patients or infants can use anal table temperature.