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What Conditions Should A Qualified Bow Surface Thermometer Be Equipped With?
- Mar 09, 2018 -

What conditions should a qualified bow surface thermometer be equipped with?

1. indicating that the instrument should not affect the defects of the use of the accuracy and the damage of the internal parts, otherwise it should be repaired. The zero starting point of the thermometer is 30 degrees (the temperature sensor and the compensated thermocouple are at the same room temperature). The zero position regulator should ensure that the pointer moves to the right 40 degrees and moves to the left 20 degrees.

At 2. tilt, the specified working position of the instrument should be at a angle of 30 degrees. When the indicator is inclined to 45 degrees in any direction from the specified working position, the change of the indication should not exceed the allowable basic error.

3. the allowable error of the thermocouple and compensating wire should be in accordance with the regulations of the verification regulation of nickel - chromium - nickel - silicon, nickel - chromium - Test copper thermocouple for JJG141-83 working.

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