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What Is The Appearance Of A Qualified Arcuate Surface Thermometer?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

What is the appearance of a qualified arcuate surface thermometer?

1. the measuring end of the thermocouple should be welded firmly and in the center position, the offset is not more than 5mm, the surface is smooth, no hole, burr. If there is serious corrosion, the fragile or serious wear of the electrode will not be examined.

The polarity of the connecting part of the 2. thermometer circuit should be correct and the contact should be good; the mechanical connection part should be firm and reliable; the active part should be rotated.

The 3. indicator dial line should be clear, it should be marked with the manufacturer's name (or standard), thermometer models and the level of accuracy of the IPTS-68 a number (c), thermometer number and date of production.

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