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What Is The Use Of An Electronic Thermometer?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

What is the use of an electronic thermometer?

The electronic thermometer is an electronic thermometer, which is much higher in performance and accuracy than in the general electronic thermometer. It is the name of the ear / forehead thermometer, which can be through the ear canal and forehead relaxed body temperature measurement, and the measurement time is only a short period of one second, you can get accurate results. Can the ear temperature and forehead temperature measurement, switch ear mild forehead temperature measurement, can be removed or covered the way of automatic conversion.

Electronic thermometer usage of ear temperature measurement: remove skull, according to the scan button and start the measurement probe is inserted into the ear canal, press the scan time, heard the "wow" sound, the measurement is completed.

Electronic thermometer usage of forehead temperature measurement on the head cover, press the scan button to start, the measuring probe is flat on the side of the temple, hold scansbutton on, along the forehead shift to the other end of the temple. Hear "wow" sound after the measurement is completed.

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