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Which Is Better, The Far Infrared Forehead Thermometer Or The Infrared Ear Thermometer?
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Infrared ear thermometer is good

It uses infrared spectra emitted by the tympanic membrane (equivalent to the hypothalamus) to determine body temperature. According to the theory of blackbody radiation, infrared spectra produced by objects at different temperatures are also different. When an object is above absolute zero, because of the movement of charged particles inside it, it radiates energy outward in the form of electromagnetic waveforms of different wavelengths. The wavelengths involve the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions, but they are mainly in the near infrared region of 0.76-3 micron, the mid-infrared region of 3-6 micron and the far infrared region of 6-15 micron. The size of infrared radiation energy and its distribution according to wavelength of an object are closely related to its surface temperature. Therefore, by measuring the infrared energy radiated by the object itself, the surface temperature of the object can be accurately measured, which is the objective basis of infrared radiation temperature measurement.