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HOW TO CALIBRATE 1. Immerse the electrode in pH 6.86 standard buffer solution with of phosphate. 2. Turn on the meter, adjust the trimmer with the provided screwdriver until the meter reading. 3. Rinse the electrode with distilled water, and make it dry with a cotton cloth. 4. Immerse the...

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Digital pH Meter Water Tester

Get the convenience of one touch accurate readings

- Tired of hassling with paper strips and chemical solutions? 
- Need more accuracy than trying to match color charts? 
- Just want something that works?

Your digital pH meter by Risantec solves the problem!

- Specifically designed to provide convenient one touch accurate readings 
- Get the accuracy you deserve, with a tolerance of +/- .o5 pH with a single touch of a button. 
- Quickly obtain a reading with a resolution of .01 pH making those chemical solutions just a distant memory 
- No more guessing trying to match color charts... all with just one hand. 
- Even the calibration of our meter has been automated...nothing to adjust. 
- Simply follow the included step by step directions using the included buffer powders.

What's included?

- Your Digital pen style phmeter by Risantec (batteries included) 
- Clearly written meter operation, care and maintenence guide. 
- Step by step instructions for the initial calibration of your meter. 
- Three buffer powder packs (one each 6.86 pH, 4.00pH, and 9.18pH) to facilitate the auto calibration. 
- Sturdy plastic carrying case for safely transporting and storing your meter between uses.

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